Strengthening of a diverse officer corps to enhance operational readiness in the Sea Services.


National Naval Officers Association actively supports the Sea Services in the development of a diverse officer corps through recruitment, retention, and career development. NNOA is essential in maintaining operational readiness by providing professional development, mentoring, and support of cultural awareness. NNOA establishes and maintains a positive image of the Sea Services in communities and educational institutions.


In 2006, the Camp Pendleton Chapter of the National Naval Officers Association was reestablished by Major Eric “Disco” Watson, USMC who also served as the Chapter President. While the chapter’s membership benefited from having a Naval Hospital located aboard Camp Pendleton, resulting in numerous Naval officer memberships, the chapter was challenged by the intense operational tempo and saw many key officers and members being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in support of the multiple war effort. Despite this issue, the chapter was able to survive and perform many of its activities such as quarterly church visits and information booth participation at various community celebrations for the purpose of promoting community awareness. The chapter has progressively accomplished a number of its goals such as creating a chapter website, expanding its community involvement and establishing an annual scholarship program.
In June 2012, the Chapter’s Executive Committee approved and General Body ratified a recommendation to rename the chapter to the “Camp Pendleton/Miramar Chapter”. This action resulted in an immediate expansion of the current chapter and provided availability of a local NNOA organization to those Marine Corps and Naval officers stationed at MCAS Miramar.
The Camp Pendleton/Miramar Chapter continues on a path of unprecedented growth and accomplishment. During the 2012-13 NNOA year, the chapter experiend a 60% increase in membership growth. The chapter increased it’s annual scholarship award from a stellar $8000 in 2012 to an astonishing $14000 in 2013! The chapter introduced it’s “highly acclaimed” Mentorship Program, which has proven to be a model for other organizations. The chapter also conducted two inagural events in 2013, the “Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament”, which drew over 100 participants and the “Annual Scholarship Banquet” during which six high school seniors were awarded scholarship checks.
With a spirit of continually moving forward, the chapter approved an expansion of its geographical scholarship coverage area and has parternered with NNOA National to introduce a second scholarship award opportunity, the “STEM” Schoalrship.
The Camp Pendleton/Miramar Chapter’s strive for excellence is one key reason the chapter was recognized and received several chapter and individual awards at the 2012 and 2013 annual NNOA National Conferences.
The bar has been set high, but the NNOA Camp Pendleton/Miramar Chapter is truly excited about its bright future!